Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Heaven in Pattaya

It was fantastic trip to Pattaya. I have beed there many times. Infact I am one of those Pattaya addicts you heard about. here I am writing about my last trip in Ramadan 2014. Pattaya was introduced to me by a stranger in Dubai Bar, he was around his 60's lives in Thailand with his 2 young girl friends.

I want give some tips for people traveling from Middle east to Thailand for fun.

if you are purely traveling for fun then book your hotel around Sukhumvit Nana Plaza area. Its the entertainment capital for Arabs and others as well. one of the best and affordable hotel I found is Majetic Suites beside Nana Plaza.

Nana Plaza is the biggest entertainment Plaza in Bangkok with more than 100 gogo bars which includes many ladyboy gogo.

Sukhumvit has range of good hotels and guest house. if you are planning for long vacation try guest houses next to Majestic suites.

Photo of Nana Plaza in the evening time.

There are other entertainment places around Sukhumvit like Soy Cowboy & Patpong but I was more convinced in Nana Plaza than any other place because of Indian Food availability.

I stayed Sukhumvit for 3days in Majestic suites.. I enjoyed a lot... Viagra and all sex toys are available in the street shops easily. Also Xanax the sleeping pils. If you dont know how to manage yourself with all this please stay away from this mess. It can lead you to lots of health problems.. 

Viagra - Xanax - BComplex : The most important tablets you need when you bang lots of girls

The Heaven
 Thai culture is about good things in life, they are not greedy and carrying a big smile always. Every girls dream is to marry a farang (Foreigner) and settle down. 

Heaven has around 100 girls, a pub and private rooms. 

The walking street

One of the best budget hotel to stay near Walking street is Grand Hotel. Walking street night life is one of the best in the world and incomparable.

there are 1000 bars, pubs and gogo in walking stree. you can find around 1000 working girls here. 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Indian Models in Dubai


Pleasure to share the photo graphs of indian models in Dubai. I did a lots of photos of Rashmi she looks like Kareena Kapoor little bit. she is very sexy her eyes are very attractive.